The course presents an introduction to material vibroacustic function and vibration behaviour. Main emphasis is on the vehicle applications of these models.

The course offers an introduction to dynamic material characterisation and testing techniques.

The course offers an introduction to rheological characterisation and focuses on viscoelasticity, viscosity and an analysis of the properties of different types of plastics.

An introduction to the static behaviour of materials in cluding modelling of elastoplastic materials, linear elastic models and different criterion for failure.

This course covers methodologies for instrumentation and callibration of mechanical testing equipment.

The course focuses on the thermal mechanical behaviour of material. Main areas covered include: production, treatments, conduction, convection and radiation.

This course focuses on types of materials, material properties and characterisation methods.

Thsi course offers a generalview of material characterisation techniques including varios microscopy techniques.

The course offers an introduction to rheology and simple and complex rheological models.