More about our E-Learning Courses

The EuroMotor Virtual College, hosted by AutoTrain has been developing courseware for the automotive industry and supply chain for many years. Our virtual college is the culmination of these projects using the Internet as a channel for the delivery of training in order to give people in industry the opportunity to gain new skills at their convenience.

Legacy Content

These courses were mostly written between 1998 and 2005 and reflect the web technology available at the time, so many elements of the courses rely on plugins such as Flash which are not compatible with some modern web browsers. Courses are updated as time and resources permit, however AutoTrain no longer receives any funding to host these courses so there is a limit to what we can do. In some cases updates are not possible without the co-operation of the original course authors, who have in many cases moved on to new positions or retired. So please excuse us if some content does not work with your browser.

Our Courses

We provide a wide range of manufacturing and automotive related course material. Use the links on this site to explore our course catalogue. All courses are now available free of charge.

For free courses on Power Metallurgy hosted and developed for the EPMA by AutoTrain, please visit

Benefits of e-Learning to industry

Manufacturing industry has to face increasing global competition and price pressures. It is only possible for the most skilled companies to remain competitive. Under such circumstances, training time can be difficult to obtain, especially for small companies. AutoTrain has developed a friendly system of Online Training Courses for the benefit of small and medium companies within the manufacturing and automotive sectors.

The online learning technologies developed by AutoTrain for the EuroMotor college are designed to be user friendly. The courses support graphics, animation and video to make online self-study easier. They also present various levels of user interaction through exercises and quizzes that learners can use to self-assess their progress.

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