Once the contract has been signed and the order placed the final design can take place and the mouldmaker can start work. If any design changes become necessary after this event they are expensive and may result in delayed completion. If, despite everyone's best efforts, product design and / or tooling modifications are essential, they must be fully documented and priced; also delivery variations must be agreed before the changes are implemented.

The mouldmaker must maintain constant communication with the PENTAMODE team and advise it of any unexpected matters affecting delivery. Once lead times have been agreed pressure to advance the delivery date should be firmly resisted.

Any major toolmaking problems or production delays must cause the team to mobilise resources to pull the programme back on schedule rather than, at this stage, to instigate inquests or start recriminations.

Terms of payment are very important to the commercial success of the overall project. The usual recommendations from the GTMA and the BPF for the payment to the mouldmaker for mould tools are:

  • 1/3 payable with order
  • 1/3 upon mould completion
  • 1/3 upon final approval of mould to agreed order specification.

However, it is recognised that other payment terms are sometimes agreed between all parties. It can be envisaged that, particularly with large moulds or suites of moulds, the completion, approval and payment stages will be clearly defined and should be strictly followed. Reference is made to BS7890.

"Verbal instructions don't count"