Company: Armond Engineering Ltd

Completed by: J Price



1. Major type and sources of aqueous effluent

Description Source Quantity/year Disposal route Consent conditions
Spent paints and thinners, laboratory chemicals and washing solutions Pre-treatment, painting and testing 75 000 m3 Foul sewer from effluent treatment plant Discharge consent is attached


2. Does the site posses an effluent treatment plant?

yes no

Details of plant:

Plant installed in 1990 to handle 40m3 /hour.

Plans and description /specification of plant are attached


3. Are effluent monitored at point of discharge?

yes no


Local water company tests the discharges once every two weeks against the conditions of the discharge consent.

Maintenance staff monitor and make a record of pH each day.


4. Annual cost of operating the effluent treatment plant

Labour £6 000
Power and consumables £4 000
Maintenance (parts and labour) £3 500
Capital depreciation £8 000


5. Annual cost of effluent discharge to sewer and/or controlled waters


Effluent charges are £30 000 25 pence/m3

see water bill attached.