Multilink Wheel Suspensions
→In order to meet high demands, more tuning possibilities required. The larger the number of variables, the larger the scope for a target specific design. This can be achieved in multi-link suspensions.
A suspension system whose design follows the basic concept of three-dimensional wheel guidance, with the wheel carrier being linked to the body via 5 links, is referred to as multilink suspension. Design of such a suspension system can be based on a wide range of objectives.
The figure shows the four-link front axle of the Audi A4.
Features: →The wheel is controlled via four rod-shaped links, the tie rod and the suspension strut, which allows for great potential from the point of view of the optimization of comfort and kinematic properties.
→The large support base between upper and lower link plane is the characteristic feature of the design, which is the source of a high camber stiffness.
→The four links are linked to the swiveling bearing via low-friction ball joints.
→A bearing bracket featuring rubber-metal mounts (silent bearings) carries the two upper links as well as the spring and shock-absorber mounts. The spring and shock-absorber mounts are functionally separated from each other.
→Bump-stop supported over the bearing bracket directly at the body→possible to tune the shock-absorber mount exclusively to the shock-absorber forces. The shock absorber features an internal stop spring that supports kinematic anti-squat control.