If one compares the conventional building method of the used attachments with front final modules with those, how she is conventionally applied, then it is to be stated that here the individual components are attached with the " conventional " building method on the main assembly line to the vehicle bodyshell. The bodyshell with this type of the vehicle front execution is closed in front, so that the engine assembly into the vehicle is only possible from above or from the bottom. The supply of the individual components which are needed, in the past took place here via a multiplicity of suppliers. 
With the modular construction pursued today as much components as possible are attached to a carrier item. Thus one achieves an open front, which comes to meet an easier engine assembly for the vehicle build up. Due to this execution of the entire individual components of the module in the front car, to which all individual components are fastened, a pre-assembly from a supplier hand is possible in this way.