Introduction to TPM


1) Breakdowns

Breakdown losses occur as a result of downtime due to the unexpected failure of equipment. This is a widely recognised problem in manufacturing, but few companies take sufficient action to reduce it. Many people assume that:

  • It is not the operator's responsibility to keep a check on the equipment.

  • All equipment is going to break down at some time.

  • All breakdowns can be fixed.

Human factors are at the root of breakdowns! Breakdowns will only be eliminated if people change their way of thinking and their way of doing.

The starting point is to take the view that equipment should never break down!

Breakdowns become chronic for two reasons: organisational problems, and technical problems. Good equipment management is essential to prevent breakdowns. Managers and supervisors should understand the fundamental role of preventive maintenance in continuous improvement. Operators should understand the importance of autonomous maintenance.

Maintenance is a part of work!

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