Conducted Emission - Measurement Standards (2)

The EN 55022 standard applies for products belonging to limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of Information Technology Equipment (ITE). It is the reference standard for the generic standard for domestic environment. Two classes are distinguished :

  • Class B : Apparatus in this class must be respect the class B disturbance levels. They are used in domestic areas and must correspond to the following specifications :
    • Apparatus with no fixed area of use
    • Terminal telecommunication equipment
    • Personal Computers and connected auxiliaries
  • Class A : All other apparatus belonging to ITE family, which represents the Class A, but not the class B levels.

EN 55022 levels

Frequency (MHz) Max Level for Class A (dB microV) Max Level for Class B (dB microV)
Quasi Peak Mean Quasi Peak Mean
0.15 to 0.5 79 66 66 to 56
decreasing with Log (Freq.)
56 to 46
decreasing with Log (Freq.)
0.5 to 5 73 60 56 46
5 to 30 73 60 60 50