Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 9
Energy Improvement: Key Areas


Loading patterns

  • The loading patterns of any boilers on site should be investigated.

  • The boiler should be checked for frequency of operation at partial load.

  • Boiler plant that is not needed in mild weather should be isolated and pilot lights turned off (where relevant).

  • The feasibility of fitting a modular system should be investigated.


  • Boiler operating patterns should be assessed.

  • The boiler should be checked for frequency of operation at partial load.

  • Boiler thermostats should be adjusted to use only the minimum number of boilers.

  • An automatic sequence controller should be considered.


  • The boiler on/off should be optimised.

  • An optimiser should be fitted to boilers over 30kw.

  • Internal and external sensors should be fully operational.

  • Consideration should be given to installing an optimiser on air conditioning.


  • If gas fired, a CORGI registered firm should be employed for boiler maintenance once a year.

  • Oil fired plant should be serviced twice a year or more (should the flue gas temperatures be high).

Thermal insulation

  • All pipework should be insulated.

  • Valves and pipe joints should be fitted with insulation jackets.

  • Insulation should always be replaced following repairs to pipes.


  • A compensator should be fitted to the heating system.

  • Heating circuit flow temperature should be adjusted correctly.

  • External temperature sensors should be checked to see if they are working correctly.

Frost protection

  • Frost thermostats must be working correctly.

  • External temperatures should be working correctly.

  • Frost thermostats must be set correctly.

  • All pipework must be insulated properly.

Water heating

  • Point of use
    • Point of use heater should be considered for certain areas such as toilets, sinks etc.

  • Storage systems
    • Hot water should be stored within an insulated tank.
    • Electric heating must be made as efficient as possible.
    • Should hot water be provided by gas or oil fired boiler, it may be cheaper to use off peak electricity - especially within the summer.

  • Temperature
    • Maintain the temperature to 60° Celsius.

  • Distribution
    • Avoid dead legs and have pipes as short as possible.
    • Lag all pipes, joints and valves.

  • Taps
    • Fit spray restrictors on spray taps with excessively high flow rates.
    • Consider timer/sensor taps on taps that are left running.
    • Repair all dripping taps promptly.