Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 7
Energy Improvement Strategies

Practical ways to reduce energy and water consumption

Below are just a few examples of where energy and also water consumption can be reduced, and thus targets set to reach wider objectives:


Cost Target Measures planned / action
No cost Improve efficiency of boiler plant by n% over n months Check plant weekly to identify:
  • Leakage from pipework and flanges etd
  • Gas odours
  • Burns and other signs of damage to flues and boilers
  • Higher noise levels than usual
  • Air vent blockage
  • Warning lights
Low cost Reduce heat losses from pipes by 60% in n months
  • Investigation of pipes and flanges in the boiler room
  • Ensure that all pipework not heating the production areas is insulated
  • Insulate all valves and flanges that are 50mm or bigger with quick release valve jackets

Compressed Air System

Cost Target Measures planned / action
No cost Reduce compressed air consumption costs by n% over n months.
  • Raise awareness of the high cost of generating compressed air at meetings.
  • Communicate, via posters etc. on site, the costs of generating compressed air and how it can be conserved.
Low cost Ensure that all compressed air tools are electrically powered in n months.
  • Feasibility will be assessed and electrical tools will be purchased should it be practical.


Cost Target Measures planned / action
No cost To reduce lighting costs by 15% over n months through ensuring that all lights are switched off during site shutdown.
  • Undertake a lighting survey during shutdown.
  • Interview all out-of-hours staff such as cleaners.
  • Implement a policy and responsibilities for switching off lights.
Low cost To make savings of 75% over n months through using alternative lighting methods.
  • Purchase compact fluorescent bulbs to replace all tungsten bulbs.


Energy Efficiency best practice programme: Look at the publications listed at:

Federal Energy Management programme (US site, but some useful energy management / conservation ideas):