Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 4
Waste Minimisation Strategies

Characterisation of Waste

All waste must be made accountable for. Each waste stream should be identified, the components of the stream, the sources and the generation rates. Information that should be consulted may come from:

  • Environmental review/audit/monitoring reports

  • Laboratory reports (for hazardous wastes)

  • Chemical data safety sheets (for hazardous wastes)

  • Waste sub-contractor's records

  • Purchasing records

  • Any internal waste records/reports.

The table below gives a typical format of how waste records can be constructed

Model waste record format

Production area/process Description of waste Waste classification Quantity generated per annum Disposal costs £/annum Minimisation technique


Look through your waste records / consult with personnel on site, and attempt to complete a record for all wastes on site using the form given in the table above.