Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 4
Waste Minimisation Strategies

What is waste minimisation?

Generating, treating and disposing of wastes causes a range of environmental problems. A common improvement strategy in addressing the environmental effects connected with waste within a company is waste minimisation. This means, the reduction of waste predominantly at source, rather than focusing upon traditional "end of pipe" solutions. Often, waste minimisation will involve a combination of source reduction and recycling to give optimum bottom line returns. The table below summarises the main benefits of waste minimisation to a company.

Why Minimise Waste?


  • Increasing cost of disposing to landfill

  • Cost of alternative disposal and treatment options

  • High savings through more efficient manufacturing processes and reduction of raw material use


  • Decreased liability through guaranteed compliance with the relevant legislation

The environment and public relations

  • Greener, more favourable profile

  • Reduction of environmental effects