Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 2
Discharges to Air

Local Air Pollution Control (LAPC)

Part B processes ie. those which have a lower polluting potential than those regulated under IPC fall within the scope of Local Air Pollution Control (LAPC). This is also covered by Part I of EPA 90. Here, the District Council, the Borough Council or the Health Authority is charged with the duty of enforcing LAPC and the smoke, grit and dust regulations within the Clean Air Act 1993. As LAPC only related to air pollution, the BPEO is not relevant here.

IPC and LAPC are however, regulated by the same controls.

Application for LAPC process authorisations

The application is the same as that mentioned above for IPC, although the application must be to the local authority. The local authority may authorise a process application with BATNEEC conditions attached or refuse it. The local authorities are also charged with a duty to maintain public registers of all LAAPC regulated processes within their area.

Processes covered by LAPC

Processes covered are:

  • Glassworks

  • Brickworks

  • Combustion plant

  • Incinerators

  • Concrete batching plant

  • Mineral processes

  • Timber processes

  • Rubber Processes

  • Metal manufacturing