Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Appendix 2
Discharges to Air

Other Legislation and regulation

A list of other regulation and legislation is given in the list below. You may find it of interest to read around these subjects:

Air quality standards regulations 1989

Marketing of Gas Oil (Sulphur Content) Regulations 1994

Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) regulations 1994

Environment Act 1995

National Air Quality Strategy

Road traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) Regulations 1997

EU Legislation

EU Directives

  • Smoke and sulphur dioxide

  • Nitrogen dioxide

  • Lead

  • Emissions from industrial plant

  • Air pollution by ozone

  • Volatile organic compound emissions from petrol storage and distribution

  • Incineration of hazardous waste

  • Ambient air quality assessment

  • EU fifth action programme (1993-2000)

International Conventions on Air Pollution

  • Geneva Convention

  • EMEP Protocol

  • Helsinki Protocol

  • Montreal Protocol

  • Sofia Protocol

  • UNECE Protocol