Monitoring Environmental Performance
Level 5
Unit 3
Monitoring Air Pollution

Implementing a monitoring programme to minimise black smoke, CO and CO2 emissions

The following monitoring regime is a useful basis on which to tackle such emissions on site:

  • INVESTIGATION: identify and quantify all point sources of atmospheric emissions

  • REVIEW: look at all alternatives to carbonaceous fuels and all raw materials that have a carbon content that are likely to be combusted within a process on site

  • MAINTAIN: compile a systematic programme to monitor all technological advances, especially BATNEEC.


    • exhaust gas emissions and use statistical process control to identify any atterns in the emissions.
    • controls and instrumentation on furnaces, boilers and other related equipment to make sure that the combustion process is always complete and that burner efficiency is constantly maximised.

  • CONTINGENCY: systems and contingency procedures must be in place to deal with any accidental emissions straight away


    • all relevant personnel should be aware of the emissions minimisation regime
    • all staff should be encouraged to adopt energy efficient practices at work

  • INTERNAL AUDIT: audit the fuel burner systems and procedures on a regular basis.