Pareto Analysis Exercise (8)

The next most frequent defect is Orange Peel with 30 occurrences.

The cumulative frequency is the running total of occurrences, so in this case you calculate it by adding together the number of occurrences for both Sags/Runs and Orange Peel.

The cumulative percentage is similar, except to avoid rounding errors, you should calculate it from the cumulative frequency, rather than by adding the individual percentages together.

Enter the cumulative frequency and percentage (to the nearest whole number) into the appropriate boxes and then click the button to check your answers.

Defect Count % Cum. Cum. %
Sags / Runs 35 42 35 42
Orange Peel 30 36

Fill in the rest of the data on your printed version of the table, and then check your results on the next page. Remember to calculate the cumulative percentage afresh for each row, rather than adding percentage values, to avoid rounding errors.