Pareto Analysis Exercise (6)

However, on a pareto chart, the data is presented in descending order of severity from left to right. The easiest way to do this is to prepare a new table and copy the data into it in descending order.

The table we will use will have the following format:

Defect Count % Cum. Cum. %

You should either copy this table onto a sheet of paper, or print out a copy to fill in during the rest of the exercise.

The first three columns will contain data taken directly from the u-Chart:

  1. The name of the defect
  2. The number of occurrences of the defect
  3. The percentage of the total defects

There are also two additional columns in which we will be recording the cumulative frequency and cumulative precentage of the defects.

The defect with the highest number of occurrences needs to be entered into the table first, select the appropriate name from the list and then click the button to check your answer: