Gathering Data

Having identified the general problem area, we need to gather data that will enable us to pinpoint specific causes. One simple tool that could be used for this is a tally chart that was introduced in the section on presenting data.

Defect Tally Total   %   Cum. %
Orange Peel      
Off Colour      
Sags / Runs      
Gun Spits      
Dull Finish      

In the section on u-Charts we saw how a u-Chart for Multiple Characteristics could also be used as a data source for Pareto analysis. In that case, during the inspection process, the defect data for a sample was recorded (on a tally chart) and then, when the sample was complete, the information was transferred onto the u-Chart.

In the following example, we will be using data from a completed u-Chart as the source for our Pareto analysis, but we could just as easily use a tally chart like the one shown above (which contains exactly the same data).