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Key F Free Course
P Available to paying users
R Under development or restricted access

Subject Area Course Title Status
Accredited Courses Statistical Process Control - OCN Level 1 P
Statistical Process Control - OCN Level 2 P
Automotive Automotive Engineering I P
Automotive Engineering II P
Automotive Engineering III P
Basics of Vehicle Aerodynamics P
Crash Protection AutoView Presentation P
Crashworthiness, Biomechanics , Impacts and Modelling AutoView Presentation P
Hydrogen for Transport AutoView Presentation F
Basic IT Skills Autotrain Guide to Studying On-Line F
Introduction to Internet Technologies F
CoDesign CAD Compatibility: Is it a problem? AutoView Presentation P
Codesign for the Environment SEMINAR AutoView Presentation P
Evaluating the Measurement Process P
Introduction to CoDesign AutoView Presentation P
New Product Introduction and CoDesign AutoView Presentation P
Pro Enviro Design for the Environment Course Samplers F
Project Management for CoDesign AutoView Presentation P
The Essential Elements of CoDesign AutoView Presentation P
TS16949 and Six Sigma Workshop AutoView Presentation P
Vehicle Manufacturer's Changing Needs AutoView Presentation P
Volvo approach to Design for the Environment P
Who owns the Design and Who Takes Responsibility? AutoView Presentation P
Electromagnetic Compatibility Module 1 : Sources of Electromagnetic Interference P
Module 2 : EMI Directives and Standards P
Environmental Management An Environmental Improvement Strategy P
An Environmental Manager's Workbook P
Environmental Law P
Environmental Management Systems P
Introduction to the Environment F
Monitoring Environmental Performance P
The Environmental Review P
Training Your Personnel in Environmental Management P
Waste Management and Pollution Control P
Fatigue Fatigue Behaviour Models P
Fatigue Behaviour Simulation P
Fatigue Mechanical Characterisation P
Lean Management Case Study: 5S session at Frederick Woolley Ltd (Short Edited Version) AutoView Presentation P
Case Study: 5S session at Frederick Woolley Ltd (Unedited Version) AutoView Presentation P
Cause and Effect Lean P
Continual Improvement using the Lean Toolbox P
Lean Management : Cedric Ashley AutoView Presentation F
Philosophy of the Lean Toolbox P
The Lean Enterprise AutoView Presentation P
Trevor Wing (Advantage W. Midlands) on Lean Thinking AutoView Presentation F
Materials Laws of Material Behaviour P
Materials Characterisation (I) P
Materials Characterisation (II) P
Materials Characterisation (III) P
Materials Characterisation (IV) P
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (I). Static. P
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (II). Dynamic. P
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (III). Vibroacoustics. P
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (IV). Thermal. P
Other Calculation of Structures with the Finite Element Method P
Kinematics P
PARD Craftsmanship in the automotive manufacturing process F
Production Management Industrial and Managerial Economics AutoView Presentation P
Money and Machines P
Production Activity Control P
Quality Management A Preview of ISO/TS 16949:2002 AutoView Presentation P
An Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance P
Analysis and Use of Data AutoView Presentation P
Bob Dover (Former Chairman of Landrover) on Quality AutoView Presentation P
Competitive Advantage through Quality Management (Malcolm Bird - GKN) AutoView Presentation P
Concern Management P
IAA Failure Modes Effects Analysis AutoView Presentation P
IAA Six Sigma P
Introduction to Kaizen AutoView Presentation P
Introduction to the process approach to Auditing AutoView Presentation P
Introduction to the process approach to Quality Management AutoView Presentation P
ISO/TS16949 - An Overview AutoView Presentation F
Lean and Six Sigma Integration AutoView Presentation P
PENTAMODE: Supply Chain Code of Practice for the Plastics Industry P
Potential Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis AutoView Presentation P
Problem Solving with Malcolm Bird (GKN) AutoView Presentation P
Production Parts Approval Process (Jim Best GKN) AutoView Presentation P
Quality Standards and Process Management AutoView Presentation P
Sector Specific Quality Management Standards and ISO 9001:2000 AutoView Presentation P
Six Sigma Awareness AutoView Presentation P
Statistical Process Control P
The EFQM Excellence Model P
The Pursuit of Excellence P
Visual Management P
Simulation and Models Mechanical Simulation (I). Small Strain. P
Mechanical Simulation (III). Dynamic. Small Displacements. P
Mechanical Simulaton (II). Dynamic. Large Displacements. P
Rheology and Viscosity Models P

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